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Universal Free Childcare
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Why Do We Want
Universal Free Childcare?

In the UK, one-third of children live in poverty. Childcare costs are a source of poverty and inequality. Full-time nursery or childminder cost is over £1000 per month in the UK. 97% of parents said childcare in the UK was too expensive. One parent, mostly the mother, often has to give up working, which lowers the family income even more. Mothers, who are nearly 1/3 of the population, suffer from 11% - 30% permanent income loss due to The Motherhood Pay Penalty, particularly those from low-income households. A child’s first years are essential to their development. Lack of free childcare is costing children the future. 

Universal Free Childcare is a political movement to campaign for free childcare for all children from age zero. We invite you to join this campaign.

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